Russian Steamroller Runs Away From Its Captors And Heads For The Woods

Thank God for Russians! Those people have filled YouTube with countless hours upon hours of the most incredible dash cam footage known to mankind.

The thing is, Russians know better than anyone else just how dishonest, dumb or downright crazy they can often be. That’s why, for insurance purposes, almost every car in Russia has it’s dashcam, thus making the Russian roads, and what goes on them, completely covered from multiple angles, at all times.

And that’s how we got to see this glorious fuck-up from a very unwary crew of road workers that somehow forgot or failed to secure their steamroller left parked on a slope. What happened next is something I’m guessing you’ve never seen before, and that’s the notoriously slow-moving steamroller successfully making a break, despite one of the guys sprinting his lungs out, desperately trying to catch up to the runaway machine.


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