Showoff Biker Wheelie Gone Wrong

If you have the confidence to head out in traffic and ride stunts on your motorcycle then you better make sure that you have the talent to back that confidence up, otherwise, things could tend to get ugly in the heat of the moment. That’s a situation that nobody is going to want to see and for the guy not wearing a shirt pictured here, maybe he should have been a bit more cautious.

In this one, we check out a rider who gets a little bit too confident and ends up out-riding his abilities as we have seen many times before. Luckily, this guy doesn’t end up as bad as some of the other cases but the situation still does its fair share of damage as there’s nothing really in between his skin and the road below to protect him and he goes down pretty hard.

We’re able to ride along with this clip that puts us in the heart of the action from behing the action as these two guys are trying their best to do a little bit of showing off but unfortunately for the group of riders, one of the cruisers goes down to the ground hard. This is going to be one that he definitely wants to forget as soon as possible as we’re sure that he had to go through a fair amount of pain after this one.

Check out the video below that shows you a situation that no rider ever wants to be tied up in. It looks like it’s back to practicing for this guy as he’s never going to want to go through that one again. Maybe he’ll throw on a shirt next time, too. He might even have to take part in a couple of repairs to get his bike out into the action once again.



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