How Stealing a Truck to Help Others Led to Getting Another Truck for Free

For Winston, it really seems like an experience that he saw as something that he simply just had to do as he was on the scene and saw all of the terror that was going on around him. However, even though this is something that seems to just be ingrained in his DNA, you can’t really say that the majority of people would have been as brave as Winston was, hopping in a truck and going back towards the scene of the chaos in order to help out others. The story practically erupted on social media about a week or so ago and now, others who have seen the heroics have decided that they wanted to help give back to this man who seemed to be so selfless in providing an example for just about everybody to follow.

When the folks at B5 Motors saw all the ruckus around the story, they decided that they wanted to give Winston his very own customized Ford F-150, a gift of a high caliber that Winston seemed incredibly humbled to have been selected for. After a lot of talking with friends and thinking the matter over, he decided that he would accept the gift and the video below shows off his reaction to getting his very own custom truck, free of charge. Winston says that he’s going to go on and do good with the truck as to put some good karma back into the world to thank others who are doing good for him. You can follow along with how he was feeling with receiving the gift down the video below along with his recollection of what happened on that one fateful night.


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