Stock Bottom End LS Record – How Far Can You Push a Stock Truck Engine?

Across the board, with many manufacturers, it seems like the components that they’re sticking in factory performance machines are getting stronger and stronger every day. This means that people are able take these factory components and push them to the limit, taking parts straight out of the box and bringing them the heights that not too many ever thought to be possible. However, as we see every day, with records falling, sometimes, you don’t need to buy super high-performance applications to really make magic happen.

This time, the application in question might not exactly be in a vehicle that you would see on the streets, however, the engine powering it is something very similar to what you might be able to catch rolling down Main Street.

The power plant in question is none other than a 5.3L V8, a setup that you will find in plenty of Chevrolet pickup trucks and can be had for a modest amount of money. However, as it turns out, the results that this thing pushes forward are anything but modest. In fact, one might bring into question the legitimacy of a record like this but if you’re familiar with the community, you know very well what these kinds of engines are capable of.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll catch the Free Life Films action as it watches this pickup truck powered by a stock bottom end LS engine is it rockets its way to the low 7-second range. I’m not sure about you, but to me, this screams “pretty good bang for your buck.” As far as factory performance goes, I’m not really sure if you could ask for much more beyond what this thing is able to accomplish. It’ll be pretty interesting to see if someone is able to make a stock bottom end LS engine bust its way into the six-second range.



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