Stock F-150 Went HOW FAST? (Factory Sleeper/Tune Only FREAK)

It’s pretty incredible when you look at just how far the performance community has come. Just a decade ago, what was considered to be “fast” for a factory vehicle might be looked at and laughed at now by the machines that are currently coming off of the assembly line.

Heck, if you look at most sports cars from the early 2000s, breaking into the 12s would be a treat, however, it appears as if most vehicles with any sort of get up and go these days are cracking into the 12s in the quarter mile and making it look easy!

It’s pretty ridiculous to think about all that and what could eventually come with another decade or two in performance evolution.

In this one, we take a look at a brand new Ford F-150. Normally, if you’re the owner of a truck, you know that these things might be decent to drive but when it comes to any sort of result on the drag strip, you can forget about it…

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