Stranded Men Sleep On Car Roof To Avoid Crocodiles Circling Around Their Vehicle!

There are numerous amazing stories that we have been through so far, but only few have managed to keep our attention till the last moment. Moreover, the world has seen some utterly amazing rescue stories of people who had nearly lost their lives in a frantic attempt for safety.

Hereby, it is time to take a look at yet another such story in which stranded men had to sleep, eat and stay all the time for four days before they were finally rescued. But what had happened, why did they had to do that?

Well, two men together with their dog went out on a weekend to go on a fishing trip on the north of Broome and Dampier Peninsula with their AWD truck.

Unfortunately, their powerful vehicle got stuck in the deep mud in an area that was flooded with crocodiles and snakes. The people knew about it so they had to stay up on the roof of their car in order to avoid further disasters.

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