STUCK In The Mud Or SNOW Again?! We Found The Product For Recovery: The Bush WINCH WHEEL Winch!

Here is a very informative video on how to use the Bush Winch, something that no traveler should leave home without. If you ever find yourself stuck in the mud, show, or any other problematic road, the Bush Winch is here to help you get onto firm ground again!

The Bush Winch is a light weight self-recovery system for both 4 wheel drives and 2 wheel drives. The basic kit comes with 2 spools, 2 ropes, special wheel nuts and a carry bag, that weigh around 66 pounds altogether. The concept of the Bush Winch is simple, the more slippage you have, the greater the pull on the rope.

When needed, the Bush Winch is simply connected to the front or to the rear wheels of your vehicle. With the winch rope attached to the Bush Winch at one end, and the anchor point at the other end, the winch winds itself onto the Bush Winch as the wheel spins. The winch itself is made of cast alloy that has keyway slots, allowing you to choose if you want to reverse winch, or forward winch. This really is one very handy piece of equipment. Check out the video for yourself!


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