Super Sound : This Miniature Chevrolet V8 Engine Is UNBELIEVABLE!

Mini Engine

Do you remember your favorite toy in childhood? I remember my favorite truck made of the metal with a plastic cabin.One thing I don`t get about this toy: How could the truck be of pink color?

I still Remember this thing in every detail – ZiL130 – that was the toy. However men are just grown-up boys, and toys are becoming more expensive and loud. We buy cars, because we have a dream from childhood, that one day we will buy a super-turbo-fancy car, and we actually do this. We can spend hours nearby the hood, just to see how it works. Women cannot understand this pleasure of starring in moving rotors, running belts and rotating gears.

They cannot feel this movement. Men are feeling the engines with their skin. That`s so awesome to understand how it works, and what does this part serves for. We live in the great time when we can do everything in miniature. New tools and machinery permit doing this. Not too long ago became popular to built miniature steam engines. Imagine you have a fully functional steam engine on your table!

But as progress made his way, the same way is going miniature building. Now you can have a small copy of internal combustion engine! That would be the most desirable toy for me. A fully functional engine, where you can look how valves are dancing and hear the sound of the tiny engine, which actually growls, like a big one! I suppose, that in some time we will have a tiny diesel on our desks.

That`s so cool to live in XXI century, when we can admire a tine Chevy engine on our desk, and moreover we can play with it. If I had such thing, than me and my sons would stay forever near this Chevy Engine!


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