Teenager Accidentally Races Undercover Cop!

How much are you inside street racing world? At least,have you ever seen in your life two powerful vehicles racing each other on the highway? Believe me,there is all the adrenaline somebody linked to car world and speed society needs in his life.

Actually,if you have a fast car and you are hungry as fu*k for speed and you want to race to another vehicle in front of you,all you have to do is just a simple code to use to invite the other driver to battle.Do you know it?

Go across him and rev your car! This is the only thing that will start a street race everywhere you are.This is what this teenager did in the video we brought for you today.But there is just one problem that classifies this guy as the unluckiest one in the world.He saw a Hellcat and he really wanted to race on his supercharged 350z but…he was a cop.Check out what happened in that day.Share it with your friends as well.Enjoy!

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