The 2018 Honda Ridgeline Bed Storage Is Genius!

Perhaps you need just a little bit of extra cargo space to store some smaller pieces or maybe you need to keep your load dry when, in many pickup truck situations, that’s simply not an option unless you have an aftermarket cap to protect your load. Therefore, Honda went back to the drawing board and made a very simple yet highly effective modification to the Ridgeline that we think you’re going to love.

If you head on down to the video below, you’ll be able to find the extra storage compartment on board with the latest version of Honda’s pickup truck that allows you to store even more cargo and keep it dry as the sealed off compartment will allow you to expand your truck’s capabilities.

Seeing something like this that seems so basic really makes you wonder what other features could be added or changed to some of the vehicles that you see out there today that can make them a lot more useful with a simple step like this.


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