We’ve seen trucks that broke the internet before. In fact, in recent years, trucks have been more likely to garner massive online reactions than all but the most insane cars, showing just how strong the truck performance and customization game has grown.

I’m pretty sure the title of this video is in regards to the chrome blue Sierra that cruises through the lot at this Dyno Days gathering, but I have to admit, as cool as the mirror blue GMC is, I was much more interested in the white Silverado that we actually get a quick tour of after we see the blue Sierra.

The white Silverado is such a thorough build with some amazing details inside and out that really set it apart in a crowd of badass trucks. From the bagged suspension to the color-matching accessories underneath, there’s clearly been a lot of through and time spent on planning out this build and a ton of money spent bringing it to life.

We don’t really get too much info about the Sierra in this video, so I checked out the owner’s Instagram to see if I could find out what’s lurking under that badass chrome blue wrap. I scrolled through tons of pics of the truck but didn’t find much in the way of info about the powerplant. There is some great footage of the truck being wrapped, so if you’re considering a badass wrap like this, you can get a good look at what goes into wrapping a full size truck in flawless blue chrome.


If anybody out there knows more about this wicked ride, we’d love to know what’s under the hood what kind of power it’s making. If you know the owner, tag him and get him to fill us in on all the dirty details. In the meantime, we’re just going to watch this video over and over until we get tired of looking at this glistening blue beast!


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