I Think We’ve Found The Most Modified Chevy Colorado You’ll Ever See

It lives up to its name based on the quick glance alone, and backs up all of that style when you dive into the spec sheet and watch all a fabrication that was done in this video.

The customized body plays host to the wealth of parts that should help this truck power through pretty much anything. And power through it shall thanks to the 730-hp LS7 V-8 sitting toward the rear of the engine compartment.

A set of Fox racing shocks work with the custom suspension components crafted by the tuning shop to give this ColoRADo the massive 22 inches of travel in the front and 27 inches in the rear. That is all made possible by the completely new frame that the shop also fabricated.

From the aluminum bodywork to a massive engine and on to the incredible suspension, we are both in awe and terrified. We are in awe of the capability this truck has on tap. We terrified of the tab for a final build cost.



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