This Is Why You Don’t Mess With a Livestock Trucker

I’m all for protesting something you feel strongly about, including the slaughter of whatever animal you’ve decided to protect. You have every right, granted by the Constitution of the United States, to peacefully protest for whatever reason. However, when you try to stand in the way of somebody who is simply doing their job, you just might find yourself being greeted by somebody who is a little less sympathetic to your cause, especially if that individual just happens to be driving an 80,000 pound beast of an 18 wheeler.

What I have to assume these protesters have failed to take into consideration is that the driver of this big rig is, in fact, simply doing the job he is paid to do.

There’s a very good chance he has no say in what he is tasked with hauling, as he simply takes whatever load is available, be it through a company he is employed by or from a broker if he operates his truck independently.

By hauling this load, he’s not saying in any way that he supports the company he’s delivering to, it just means he’s trying to get his load delivered on time so he can get paid.


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