This Turbo LSX Nitrous Powered Toyota Hilux Is a Monster!

The body mods were all done by Josh himself, serving as a sort of evolving classroom, since he’d never done any sheetmetal shaping before. There’s no denying it’s over the top, but there’s a certain appeal to the super-wide body look and the custom front air dam is nothing short of epic, even if it is held on by c-clamps.

As in mandatory for any visit to Hoonigan headquarters, Josh fired the truck up for some donuts in the back yard. As the guys point out toward the end of the video, Josh needs to run a filter on that turbo, as it seems to have a hard time spinning when the truck is idling.

However, once he rolls into the throttle, there’s more than enough power to sling the rear end around a while, even if he does just bump into one of the containers that create the barriers around the burnout pit.

After the smoke show, the video ends with a hearty “That’s a wrap” from Josh, who is continuing on from here to join Roadkill’s $3K Hooptie challenge.



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