Toyota Hilux Abandoned in the Desert for 15 Years, Gets Turbo LSX Treatment

When you step foot into the automotive community, it could be really hard to ever forget your experience here. As you’ll find out when putting together anything that can be appreciated by enthusiasts, you’ll definitely find that more than your fair share of people are willing to help you out along the way.

I’m sure that the “Why?” behind this phenomenon is up for debate but if you ask us, we would probably say it’s because everybody has been at that point where they needed help and probably received it. Therefore, it feels good to be able to help somebody else out along the way, especially when you know that they have the same goals as you and are going to get the same feeling when it’s all done.

In this one, we check out the pickup truck that made its way to Holley LS Fest West with quite a story behind it, more specifically, a Toyota Hilux that kind of highlights that entire experience all in one tight little package. Originally, the truck was abandoned in the desert for what the owner says was about 15 years and he decided that, because the truck needed to receive love, that he was going to try and fix it up on the spot and drive it home. Long story short, the truck would end up in a buddy’s shop for some repairs and one thing would lead to another where the machine would eventually get an LS engine thrown at it in place of the tired preexisting power source.

Before long, a free turbocharger would somehow fall into the equation and also be strapped up to this machine that was really shaping up to be one interesting ride. However, even after the LS swap and turbocharger install, the vehicle still wouldn’t be the most reliable in the world which would actually help quite the story to unfold behind it as break down after break down would enlist the help of so many kind-hearted strangers.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to hear the words straight out of the owner’s mouth as he tells us a little bit about how this truck really helped to bring together a lot of people and show how we can help each other out if we really want to.



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