Truck Driver In Scottland Makes Scary 90 Degree Turn WIth a 200 Foot Windmill Blade!

When approaching this video, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of folks out there who can’t even manage to navigate their compact cars around on the roadways without pulling off an incredibly bad maneuver that ends up putting them into a guardrail or taking out someone’s garden while trying to make a tight turn in a neighborhood.

Now, imagine the stress that Mr. Honda Civic driver would have if he stretched out his car to an astonishing 200+-feet in length and had some incredibly high dollar hardware to tow behind.

That’s exactly the task that this crew is tackling as they transport a rather large windmill blade with extreme patience and furthermore, lots of experience and skill. When it comes to getting this thing around, traveling on an open highway is probably difficult enough, let alone figuring out how to take this incredibly long load and get it around a 90-degree turn!

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