Ultimate Breath Taking CATERPILLAR HOT ROD Cruisin’ The Coast! Mind Blowing Creation!

Hello my dear fellow muscle cars fans. Today, we have prepared something really special that I firmly believe it wouldn`t leave anyone indifferent. As you could have read in the title and seen in the intro photo, it is not some muscle car monster, but one jaw-dropping Caterpillar hot rod that appears to be so captivating, it makes you want to jump in it and just ride off…

And once again, we see this great job, thanks to our favorite YouTuber, ScottieDTV, who managed to find this yellow beast in a parking lot while filming the most interesting things from the Cruisin’ The Coast 2015 event.

Unfortunately, he did not get to speak to the men behind this awesome Caterpillar hot rod, so we could not hear first hand what`s everything under this Caterpillar Buggy Hot Rod. However, we`ll try to give you some of the info we have managed to pull off.

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