Unlock Any Car Door With a Plunger – Does It Work?

Today we came across this myth about how to open a car door if you lock your keys inside or for any reason you cannot open your car door.We posted this article for this purpose only,not to teach thieves how to steal your car.Anyway,they do know about it already because this video is going viral on the internet.Before this one, we posted another unbelievable article that provides the method of how to open a car door using nothing more than a tennis ball.

The way it works is simple.You add air pressure to the key hole and it opens.Yeah, this is so simple.At least this is what we understand from the video.But how true is this? Does it really work? We want to hear your opinion too so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.We also posted another video below this one where one guy tries this method in his car.

Check it out!

So this guy from the “As Seen On Social Media” youtube channel didn’t believe this method can open his car door so the only thing left to do is trying to his car.He got his plunger from bathroom and went right in the keyhole of his car and started adding as much pressure as he can there.He posted the video as a response to the previous one we brought for you today.Have you tried it? Send us your own video if you did and wait until we post it in our website as well.Enjoy!


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