What’s Inside a BULLETPROOF CAR?

If safety is what you’re looking for because you feel some sort of threat potentially looming over the horizon, one way to give yourself a little bit of insurance is to go out and purchase a bulletproof car. Now, this is a type of work that not too many people are able to take a look inside.

You would think that along with not wanting to show where weak points might lie (if there are any), companies that do this sort of thing don’t exactly want everybody to know some of their trade secrets so it’s probably pretty rare to be able to see exactly how some of these vehicles are put together in such a high-dollar industry.This time, we are able to take a journey inside of seeing just how a bulletproof car might come together.

When something like this is rolling down the street next to you, there’s a good chance that most people probably wouldn’t even notice that a machine is bulletproof, however, we know that with that rundown of information, your mind will go wild knowing that there is some really special equipment lurking behind the body panels of such a car or truck. It’s incredibly exciting to be able to finally take a look inside to see exactly how one of these things works.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’re going to get to ride along with the WHAT’S INSIDE? FAMILY YouTube channel as they divulge upon the ins and outs that you can expect with the machine like this.

Now, the next time you see or hear about a bulletproof car, truck, or other structure, you might just have an all new appreciation for everything that goes into making that object the functional piece of protection that has become.



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