WILD Mustang Foxbody Does A Massive Burnout!

Although environmentalists definitely won’t ever admit they appreciate a good burnout, it’s a fact that these things look completely awesome! One thing’s for sure, crew from the famous Hoonigan garage cannot get enough of ’em!

We’ve already seen a bunch of berserk rides on their property so far, but the one we have in stored for you today took things to another level. We are talking about one absolutely unique Foxbody Mustang like you’ve never seen before! These cars are known as 100% American vehicles, but it seems that some dudes don’t have a problem with thinking outside the box.

While purists definitely won’t appreciate this weird pairing of muscle cars and JDMs, we kinda have to admit that the results were surprisingly awesome! This fantastic custom creation simply looks great from every angle, and the owner sure isn’t afraid to push it to the very limit!

You can clear see that in the video below, as he basically performed a burnout until his radiator gave out! What a wild and interesting creation this is!


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