Zombies be scared! This badass Conquest Knight XV is the perfect vehicle of choice for any apocalypse!!

There’s no denying, the Knight is attention-grabbing from every angle. It’s massive dimensions put it somewhere between huge SUV and small semi, while the angles and edges make it as polarizing as anything we’ve ever seen.

You’re definitely either going to love this thing or hate it, there really isn’t much room for lukewarm responses. The interior is somewhat less-garish, and looks to be well equipped.

Considering the nearly-$700,000 price tag, though, it ought to be very well equipped and ultra modern while wrapping the occupants in pure luxury, and it seems to handle that well.

Under the hood, the engine cranks out a respectable 400 horsepower and 500 ft/lbs or toque from the naturally aspirated 415 CID V10 engine. The portly cruiser will hit a surprising 153 MPH top speed and is fully armed against gunfire, wrapping the occupants in luxurious safety and luxury.

The Knight XV will set you back about $629,000, so go ahead and order two of them so you’ll have a backup! While I don’t expect to run into too many of these on the street, I do wonder what others who just happen to run up on one would think about it.



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